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LIVE CHAT Studying Business, Economics and Social Sciences in Germany
Thursday, 28 November 2013
3 – 4 pm (CET)

The spectrum of degree courses and specialisations in Business, Economics and Social Sciences has been growing constantly in recent years. In addition to the "classic" subjects, such as economics and business administration, new subjects have emerged in response to an increasingly globalised economy.

International orientation nowadays is essential in these subjects. Global political, social and economic linkages and the teaching of intercultural competencies play a major role in most of the degree courses.

Do I have to learn German or are there also courses taught in English? How do I find a suitable degree programme? Which admission requirements do I have to fulfil?

Ask your questions about studying Business, Economics and Social Sciences in Germany!

Our experts are Kristiina Valdru (Student Recruitment Manager, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, University of Erfurt) and Frederik Fischer (WiSo Course Guidance Centre, University of Cologne).

We will answer your questions in English and German.

Post your questions in advance and vote for other questions now!

Please be aware that this is a chat on Business, Economics and Social Sciences. If you have more general questions about studying in Germany, please use our Contact Form or post your question on our Facebook page. If you are interested in scholarships, we recommend the DAAD scholarship database.

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46 Questions up to now
  • Masoud, 21.11.2013 21:45: Do I need to take a German Language test to do an English-taught master's degree?
  • faatef, 21.11.2013 16:45: I would like to know what are the terms and conditions about studying in a free tuition Bachelor program in international Business in English? and if the student suppose to pass any test in German language to start for an English taught program? My aim is the International business course in English in University of Kleve. Thanking you.
  • nana, 26.11.2013 15:21: Hey! I'm a current undergraduate Economics student from India. I'll apply for my phD in Germany after doing my M.Sc. My country follows 3 years UG + 2 years Masters. When I'll apply, what marks will matter most? Undergraduate marks or Masters (M.Sc.) marks?
  • kurda, 21.11.2013 12:58: what are the main requirements for the application in a German University? Are they different from each other?
  • angeliki , 21.11.2013 13:48: Guten Tag. I am from Greece and in February I got my bachelor degree in Economics (economic and regional development). Currently, I am in Kassel and looking for both a job and a master. I have a good understanding of german, but I cannot speak very well. I would like to know if I can find any masters in english or in both english and german. At the same time, whether it could be easy for me to find an internship. Thank you very much in advance.
  • Aiperi, 22.11.2013 13:42: What are the ways of finding a supervisor for a PhD programme?
  • rito, 26.11.2013 15:12: Hello again. I forgot to ask something very important. In India, particularly in University of Calcutta; our Undergraduate marks is very low compared to other countries. Here getting above 65% is very rare and the marks tends to be in the range 55-60%. So is it a death-knell for us? Or can a high GRE score compliment my low GPA?
  • AngelicaVP, 22.11.2013 06:05: Hi. My ask its about Economics. I have studied economics since 2011 in the Antioquia's University. The next year i wanna travel to Germany as Au pair. Exactly, my ask is: can i finish my carrear in Germany, when i finish the au pair program..??? Dankeshön!
  • Brunella10, 22.11.2013 13:28: Hi! I wanna know about the Visa for non european citizen for internships in Germany. What are the document that I need to give? and what is the procedure? Let me Know about the link's or page where I can find more information. Thnx
  • Sahriar, 22.11.2013 20:43: I want to study in Economics & after masters in economics is there any opportunity to do PHD in Economics by Government funding?